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“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  – Aristotle

Cathy, Eunice, Linda and Nhu created Lumiani after being constantly asked by friends, “Will you help me on my wedding?”  This seemingly innocuous request involves hours and hours of decision-making, imagination, research (online as well as physically going to vendors and venues), organization and hard work. With each friend’s wedding, we learned more about this process and felt that it was shame not to put all of that knowledge to use.  More importantly, we learned that we love everything about weddings.  We love the couples, the excitement, the industry, and all the little details that are all part of those special celebrations.  We started with one friend, then another and, before we knew it, we were getting paid to coordinate weddings for people we didn’t know.  We continued to grow by word of mouth passed along from friends and family.  That’s how we started more than 5 years ago.


The secret sauce to Lumiani’s success is friendship and passion.  We value each other’s ideas, strengths, and contributions.   We value the friendship that comes with each of the couples that we work with and we make sure that our friends’ special days are exactly as how they picture it.  With each couple, our team leans on one another to give our couples the wealth of experience we have acquired through our experience.  We truly believe that every wedding is a team production!  We strive to support your ideas and identify your perfect team of artists, from your photographer to your mixologist.  Our mission has always been to provide personal service and then some because we go beyond our duty for each of our couples.

Lumiani is a full-service event planning and production studio that caters to a limited number of weddings per year.  With Lumiani, you are part of the family.  We care about what you want and pull our resources to make your dream wedding a reality.  From the moment your hair and makeup team arrives until the ballroom is entirely cleared, Lumiani is devoted to you on your wedding day.

Contact Us and we would be happy to meet for some coffee/tea/dessert to see if the Lumiani team would be a good fit for your wedding or special event. We love talking about everything … from yummy eats, DIY projects, great sales, and, of course, weddings.  We love to make new friends and would love to meet you!

In the meantime, here are 10 random facts about each of us.

Cathy Lau


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My favorite part of a wedding:

is the first dance – it’s just so romantic.  A room full of people yet it’s an intimate moment between the couple.

My favorite part of being a planner:

is being able to see the most private moments between a couple or even with them individually with their families. The moments right before the BIG moment and how much love is shared that is not seen.

I can’t have enough:

jalapeno chips.

I have too many:

“As Seen On TV” products but my friends would say I have too many shoes.  But who can have too many shoes?!

I adore:

my mother.

My comfort food is:

fish balls noodle soup.

My must have accessory:

is a scarf.

My favorite store:

is Target. I always walk out happy. even though I spent $50 on things I didn’t need before I walked in.

Words to live by:

Seize the moment.  Live now, diet later! =D.

My favorite restaurant is:

The House in San Francisco.

Linda Tan


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What is your favorite part of being a planner?

Being a part of a couple’s vision, every wedding is different it feels good to see each piece of their special day come together.

After a long day at a wedding, what do you want to eat most?

At the end of the night, I would love a nice ice cold drink and a slice of pizza.

My favorite past time is

arts and crafts. I love making different projects. Oh wait, I also love trying different dessert place. New cupcake store – I’m THERE!

My favorite store is

Anthropologie. I love all the different clothes, decorative pieces, home goods, and installation pieces in the storefronts.

My must have accessory:

is a purse.

A website that I visit everyday:


I have too many:

shoes.  I guess my husband’s going to have to build more storage space for me. =D

My must have app:

is yelp.  Did I mention I love to try new eats and desserts?  If you have a recommendation, email me.  Share your yummy finds and I’ll share mine.

My bad habit

is coffee. I’m a coffee addict. A hot cup of coffee every morning is the perfect jumpstart for the day.

My everyday style is:

feminine (aka girly).  I love bows, hearts, circles, and the color red.  Oh, and a pair of high heels always makes me feel good (and taller.)

Eunice Lee



What is your favorite part of being a planner?

The rehearsal dinner – the nervous energy and excitement kicks into higher gear.

What is your favorite personal touch of a wedding so far?

When walking into the ceremony, there were several family photos – it reminded me that a wedding is also the joining of two families.

After a long day of a wedding, what do you want to eat most?

Donuts. I really like the glazed ones. I also wouldn’t mind gelato.

How does being a lawyer help you as a planner?

I enjoy reading contracts and I am quick at finding solutions or narrowing down the best options.

My everyday style is:

minimalistic modern.

What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy being outdoors and am adventurous enough to try most things at least once – I’ve tried skydiving but don’t know if I’d do that one again.  I like being active and recently ran the Miami marathon – it was exhilarating & can’t wait to plan my next marathon!  I also went mountain climbing in New Paltz and would love to go back – or maybe climb another mountain!

One must have accessory:

at least one bag that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Last travel/next travel:

I recently went to Vietnam and Thailand.  I would love to go to Africa next.

My comfort food is:

anything Italian.

Words to live by:

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

Nhu Lalwani Muon


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Photo Credits:  A special thank you to the talented and amazing Caroline Tran for taking our company photos. 

My favorite part of being a planner is:

everything.  I enjoy all of it.  It is very exciting to work with the couple in their selection of a venue and team of vendors.  Being part of the discussion about the details that create a wedding that is uniquely and personally theirs is a beautiful feeling.  On the day of the wedding, I am able to see the final product of months of work and preparation and share in the love of two people that I call friends.  There is truly no other experience like it.  I am truly blessed to do what I love.

After a long day at a wedding, what do you want to eat most?

I’m happy to eat my grilled cheese sandwich that my partner probably bought me for lunch but I didn’t get to eat.  And, an iced cold tea.

My comfort food is:

roasted yam or grilled cheese sandwich.

I am always excited to:

attend a new workshop like calligraphy class or canning and pickling class, pick up my processed rolls of film from the lab, visit Eunice in NYC (spend qt time together, eat, and just be creative), read a new book by one of my favorite authors,go to a Lakers game, work on a personal DIY project, and go on photoshoot dates with my friends just for fun.

I love watching:

korean and taiwanese dramas. *fighting!*

How do you think being a lawyer helps you as a planner?

I was trained to be detailed-oriented, observant, assertive, and solution-oriented.  All these skills help me as a planner.

Some of my favorites are:

Diane von Furstenberg shoes, Kate Spade bags, Sevenly t-shirts and causes, and Henri Bendel accessories. 

Favorite gifts to give include:

tea, books, pens, jewelry, and art.

Fun fact:

My husband’s name is Luv.  So our names put together is NhuLuv.  Strangers think I am the sweetest wife because I call him “Luv.”  *wink*

Words that I live by:

Do what you love!  “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt