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My wedding was beyond perfect because I had Lumiani Events by my side all through the way. I decided that I needed a wedding planner because I had no idea where to start. Yes, there are great resources on the Internet and magazines and friends, but I knew I needed a professional to guide me through this process. I chose Lumiani because they had excellent reviews and I felt the good vibe and energy from Nhu and Cathy during our initial consultation. Their full service package was worth every penny. The girls at Lumiani was extremely professional, quick at responding by phone and email, and very organized and detailed. They are so sweet and caring, I felt so comfortable trusting them to help me plan my wedding. They helped me stay on budget, shopped different vendors that fit my criteria, stay on track with the timeline, design my beautiful and cost effective invitation, and listened and delivered every little detail that I requested. The best part of it all was I didn’t have to drive and meet the different vendors. Since I live 1 hr away from the venue and most of my vendors, Nhu and the girls coordinated everything on my behalf and just reported back to me with the outcome and results. It saved me a lot of time and energy. Another great aspect that Lumiani has is that they are a tech savvy and paperless company. We shared everything via email and Dropbox, and google doc, so there was easy access to all my ideas and input. You also want Lumiani on your side because you want Nhu Muon to read all your contracts. She is so precise, she’ll ensure you’ll get everything you want in writing and more. That’s a good wedding planner! My wedding day came and I was blown away by everything. Everyone who saw me, asked if I was ok,because they said I was the most calm and relaxed bride they’ve seen. I had zero stress planning the wedding and the day of, I just went along with the day because I trusted Nhu, Cathy and Linda had everything under control. I would definitely recommend hiring Lumiani Events for your wedding or any event! Thank you Girls!

Jennifer & Bryan


I recently got married on October 13th, 2012 in an outdoor venue out near Palm Springs. Thanks to Lumiani, it was the most magical night of my life. Nhu and her team are nothing short of phenomenal.  The most impressive aspect about Nhu is that working with her is like working with a close friend who is happy and eager to help. Our conversations were always relaxed and filled with laughter. Nhu is organized, flexible and easy to work with. She picked up from where we left off with our vendors without a problem. I never waited for more than a few hours before hearing back from her. She saved us money by negotiating better deals with my vendors. Plus, several of our vendors told us that Nhu was BY FAR the most organized and professional wedding planner that they had ever worked with.  The few weeks before the wedding, she worked tirelessly to take everything off of my plate. She was happy to talk at any hour of the day that worked for my schedule, even when calls took place at 10pm. To decrease my load, Nhu literally offered to personally call each guest who had not RSVPd yet. She drafted e-mails to family members and the wedding party about the weekend schedule and times for photos. When I did not have the time to deal with wedding details, she designed my ceremony program, table place cards and menus to match my invitations. On the day of, I was able to relax and savor each moment because I knew Nhu would have everything under control. She delivered!!! Despite coordinating more than the average number of vendors for a wedding, EVERYTHING went smoothly and beautifully. It was ten times more amazing than I had imagined! I could not have asked for a better wedding planner. Nhu is so much more than a wedding planner. She has become a dear friend of ours. You would be lucky to have her by your side on your wedding day.

Thank you NHU!!!!

 Angela & Seth


It was such a pleasure working with Cathy as our wedding planner. From day 1 we clicked so well that it felt like it was more of a close personal friend helping us plan our special day rather than someone we paid to help us coordinate our event.  Starting from the early months, Cathy helped us iron out all the small and big details. We had a very complex wedding which consisted of 2 cultural ceremonies, 1 wedding ceremony, 1 reception which included 5 different wardrobe changes from the bride and 2 from the groom with a huge guest list which she handled flawlessly. Cathy also treated more as friends then a client. With all that personal attention it was hard not to befriend her and her staff. She exceeded our expectations more than anyone could possibly imagine.

At our wedding rehearsal, it was mass confusion, we had 3 flower girls 2 ring bearers, and so much family just watching us, but yet Cathy took care of all of it and finally restored order.  The actually day of the wedding I remember her coming to my room and greeting me with a hug and a smile full of excitement and joy. That feeling almost brought a tear to my eye, not only because i was excited to get married but a close friend was there to help me through the process. At the reception Cathy and Nhu were awesome! They were such pros at dealing with everyone, being that not everyone spoke english, someone they got everyone exactly where they needed to be at the right times.

On a personal note, I now consider Cathy a closer personal friend. I still chat with her almost on a daily basis about things not even related to the wedding. Now I know that I have not only gained a wife in the process but a friend for a lifetime!

Stephanie & Bryan


There are not words to describe how much of a gift the team at Lumiani Events were to my family and I as we planned our wedding. Nhu is incredible. She is so generous with her time and creativity. Her background in law is real asset as you go through the process of signing contracts and hiring vendors. She honestly cares about you and your big day. Our wedding surpassed every dream I’ve ever had. It was gorgeous and I felt so calm the entire day knowing Nhu had everything taken care of. Honestly, hiring Nhu at Lumiani was the best investment we made in our wedding. The money she saved us with her knowledge of the investment was more than it cost to hire Lumiani. I’ll be quick to direct any friends I have who are getting married to Lumiani. You won’t regret this decision, they really are wonderful.

Kristen & Joey


There are not enough words to describe the amazing job Nhu and the rest of the Lumiani Events team did for our wedding. They are true professionals and listen to what their clients want.

I was in search of a day-of-coordinator and after meeting Nhu and Linda, I knew instantly that I wanted them to be part of my special day. Lumiani Events was a huge support throughout our wedding planning process. They are down-to-earth, genuine people that care about all the details. I had a lot of details to my wedding and at some moments, I was getting lost in my own ideas. Nhu was always there to provide suggestions and discuss each detail with me till my husband and I were able to make a decision.

In working with a wedding budget, Nhu provided helpful recommendations on how to save cost but still get what we want. She went out of her way to help us find the little details that added to our wedding decor. Without her help, we would not have had the unique, detailed decor that represented our wedding.

The day of our wedding was amazing. Nhu did a superb job with the timeline and we enjoyed every minute of our wedding. Everything was taken care of and her hard work was also acknowledged by friends and family. Nhu made sure everything was how we wanted and we ended up with our perfect wedding.

The Lumiani team are well-organized, detail-oriented, talented, genuine people that care about planning your special day the “perfect” day. I cannot recommend Nhu and the Lumiani team highly enough. Thank you so much for your help and support. We are so grateful and lucky to have you guys help plan our wedding.

Marie & Hailin


It was a great pleasure working with Nhu, Cathy, and the wonderful Linda. She made the whole wedding process seem so easy. Linda worked with us from the beginning of planning til the end of our wedding day. Linda went above and beyond our expectations.

My new husband and I were so busy after we got engaged, so we knew we needed help coordinating everything. Our friends referred us to Linda and her team and what a great investment that was. For all of the work they did, they were a steal.

Linda always keep the both of us updated and was on top of everything. Organization is key and she was definitely it. If you had any issues, Linda was always available to tend to your concerns. All 3 ladies were very professional and accommodating. When we had to meet with vendors, Linda or Nhu would be there. They knew what to do during our meetings and what to say. My husband and I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

The day of our wedding, it was amazing! We’ve received so many complements and even our other vendors commented on how punctual and organized our wedding was. I thought I would be nervous, but because Linda was calm, I felt calm. We truly felt Linda and her team wanted to ensure our special day was special and it was!

We’ve been to many weddings and never been to a wedding that started on time, until we attended another friend’s wedding that had the ladies of Lumiani taking care of their wedding. Our own wedding would be the second! It was a wonderful journey with the ladies of Lumiani! If someone were to ask us if we would like to do this wedding process again…we would want Lumiani to be part of the process…hands down! (however, this event is a one time deal)

We love the ladies of Lumiani Events and LINDA!!!! WOO WOOOO!
An infinite amount of thanks to you ladies!

Lena & David


Linda from Lumiani Events created a day for us that we will remember for the rest of our lives. She was there for us every step of the way. The venue, the flowers, the food, the entertainment, and the decor…down to every last detail.

We had the pleasure of meeting the ladies from Lumiani Events over a year ago. Since we had planned on having over a year and a half to prepare for our big day, we wanted a wedding planner that we could build a relationship with over the next year. Surprisingly, most of the planners we spoke to prior to meeting Linda were very reluctant to spending that much time with any couple. Most of the other planners said that they wouldn’t even contact us until we were 2 months from the wedding day.
Since our wedding was such a huge milestone in our lives, we didn’t feel like sharing it with just anyone. We needed to find that special someone that understood who we were as couple. For us that special someone was Linda.

Over a year of planning and coordinating finally lead us to our big day on 11/28/2010 at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills. Linda and her team were there for us from beginning to end. We received so many compliments on how seamless the transition was for the entire day. The time line she created for us went off without a hitch. We were warned by so many of our friends that we shouldn’t expect the day to go as planned. And to not get upset if the day wasn’t perfect. Linda and the team at Lumiani proved them all wrong. The day for us couldn’t have been any more perfect!!

We realized afterwards that managing and planning a wedding day schedule isn’t hard. It’s managing the different people and personalities involved with the wedding that will drive you crazy. Fortunately, we had Linda to shelter us from the madness and provide us with an absolutely flawless wedding day.

Thank you so much for help and support. We couldn’t have done it without you!!


Laura & George


I didn’t really think I needed a coordinator, but BOY WAS I WRONG! My wedding would have been a disaster without Nhu Muon & Lumiani Events. And I’m pretty efficient and can handle a lot, but the amount of work that they did I never imagined. I didn’t realize I needed that much help! With all the $ you spend trying to make it look great, you don’t want to take the chance of anything going wrong without a coordinator. An unorganized wedding is the worst & guests remember that. The stress relief alone is worth the $. Trust me…you have to budget in a coordinator and the only one worth the $ in my opinion is Nhu.

Our wedding was THE best experience of our lives ALL because of Nhu & her team…HONESTLY! And I talked to several coordinators and no one even compared. When you meet Nhu you know she’s sincere, genuine, organized and loves what she’s doing. She just cares! If she could do it for free she would. She is worth soooo much more than she charges. Get her while she’s still affordable!

The entire planning and the “big” day was so much more than we could ever have dreamed of. First of all, Nhu Muon is amazing and the most genuinely kindest and generous human being we have EVER met. We were truly blessed by God to have had her help. Without her, our wedding would not been half of what it was…seriously…if you only knew!

We had 2 months to plan the wedding! She saved me. Nhu & her associate actually stayed up all night the night before the wedding day helping us make the programs and favors!!! Not even our family could stay up with her! Then she took a power nap and worked hard throughout the entire day & night! She was even next to me to make sure my hair & make-up was perfect while taking care of all the scheduling simultaneously.

The wedding was beautifully flawless and blew everyone away! Even us! Everyone told us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to! We couldn’t believe all the things she pulled off. This woman is so talented it will blow your mind. She not only is a super organized over achiever type, but she has impeccable taste, is a multi-talented artist, is an attorney, and is the hardest working planner in LA that enjoys every bit of it! I was so lucky to have found her! She is the most perfect coordinator anyone could want. She has lists of referrals in your budget & knows what she’s doing. Nhu absolutely LOVES weddings and planning, which is so important. She was so pleasant and enjoyed the whole process that it made us enjoy it too…even our tedious search through photographers. She helped us decide everything & was there for me day & night.

Her skill as an attorney is a huge added benefit to the negotiating and contractual process as well, which makes this sweet woman an unstoppable powerhouse. She also found many creative ways to save on our budget. If one idea doesn’t fit, she has another one! She also has the special ability to solve ANY problem without making it stressful. Whenever we were stressed out or undecided about something (which was a lot!) she always miraculously made us relaxed and found solutions to everything. Most importantly, she made us sooo happy whenever we heard her cheerful voice! Her energy and organization made everything feel easy & actually fun!

Your wedding is supposed to be the most joyous moment of your life and she made that possible. She was not only the anchor of the entire wedding, but she was an emotional anchor as well. She’s the best friend that you wish you had all your life.

I referred her to all my friends who were getting married too and they all couldn’t believe how great she was. They always felt comfortable when she was handling things because she’s so reliable, efficient and can do it all seamlessly. When I talk to other people who got married, no one says anything about their coordinator & didn’t have this kind of experience like I did. I feel sorry for them that they didn’t have Nhu.

She also knows about every culture, what the traditions are, etc. so anytime I had a question I just asked her & she knew everything. I did a korean & chinese ceremony as well as the traditional ceremony with a christian twist & she knew how to handle it all!

Lumiani truly made our wedding dreams come true! Nhu’s an angel sent from above & we are forever indebted to her. We had the most wonderful experience. We wish we could do it all over again!

 Annie & Ron

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